May 29, 2016

Life Updates | Where have I been?

Hiiiiii y'all... Oh dear it's been too long since I've been here!

So here I am, sat at my desk with a cup of tea by my side, while trying to recall everything that's happened in the past two months. So Chris and I went on a little trip to Venice for his birthday, and that was such a lovely getaway for us. We had the best time there and it's definitely one of the best holidays I've had, ever. :) We were blessed with such good weather, lovely people, and amazing food. Two very dear friends of ours also recently got married, and we had a lovely weekend with everyone in Leeds. I've also recently just completed my third year recital, and am left with just two more assessments before I'm done for the year!

Chris and I are also absolutely looking forward to summer in Singapore, and yes I am finally going home! We've also recently made a huge decision and got some exciting news to share with friends, but that's going to have to wait till a little later... hehe. So many exciting things happening this summer! I would say life has been pretty good to me lately, there's always something to look forward to. :)

So I must say that recently I've actually been pretty good and have toned down slightly on the make up craze, as I've just been trying to use up current products. I'm also just waiting to go back to Singapore before I let myself loose and go on the ultimate make up splurge! ... So that aside, summer is finally here in England and recently we've been blessed with some pretty good days, especially for Manchester. As for me, I'm just really looking forward to the new sky garden and jacuzzi at our building to open, as they've recently revamped it. Time to get my summer tan on..! :))))

Here's hoping everyone's been well too. I'm going to try and utilise this space more often now that I'm less busy, no promises but I do miss having a space to consistently write in, so I'll try my best. :) Toodly doo guys x

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