January 10, 2016



Trying this new blogging thing out.. Chris recently invested in a Canon EOS 70d (!!) and I've just been fumbling around with it for a good few days, and it just crossed my mind that starting up a wee little blog might be a good way to pass spare time. I've always been spending way too much time watching and reading about beauty things anyway and since I'm starting to build up my own little make up collection I just thought it'd be nice to share my guilty pleasure with others.. hee.

I created a nice little personal header for my blog too! Please don't mind me if it's looking too nooby for now - I'm still trying to figure my way round all this..

So here's just a sneak peek of my make up collection. I put it at my bedside table as it's kind of my girly little corner, and it goes so well with those fairy lights! I try to keep all my products in these muji drawers and they just make everything look so neat. :)) I used to put all my make up on display but after a while it just started to look quite messy, plus when products were nearing the end of their use, I always wanted to get rid of them so quickly because they just didn't look as pretty anymore.

So I would say muji acrylic drawers are the way to go - they're a bit of an investment but trust me when I say they're worth every penny! I got a 2 drawer at first and got myself another 3 drawer when I'd outgrown that one... The thicker drawers fit all my foundations perfectly and the thinner ones my palettes and lip products! You can get them online here.

I also have all my candles at my bedside because sometimes when I'm tucked in bed quite early I like to go on my laptop and have my fairy lights and candles lit by my side. They just make the room look and smile soo nice, and puts me in a good mood instantly. :)

Right, this seems like a fair bit of typing now so I'm going to end here. Thanks for reading y'alll. :))

Kayleigh x

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  1. I like your little corner, very neat and everything is in order ;) also seems like I smell the yankee again....


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